Jury Duty Information

General Information

The following is general information about jury duty in all four counties in the 8th Judicial District. For more information about your rights and duties as a juror, please read Serving as a Juror: Your Rights and Duties (PDF). For additional information, visit the Juror Rights page on the Kansas Bar Association website.

Juror Letter

County-Specific Information

For county-specific information (including the status of jury trials, where to report, etc.), please view the appropriate county's Jury Duty Information page:

  1. Jury Information
  2. Cancellation Procedures
  3. Length of Service
  4. Jury Fees
  5. Jury Duty Scam

Jury Questionnaire

The jury questionnaire form must be filled out by you either online or returned in the self-addressed, stamped envelope provided to you within seven days of your receipt. The questionnaire is for the purpose of assisting the judge and attorneys in the jury selection process.


Any person willfully or corruptly making false answers to any of the questions shall be deemed guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. Failure to answer questions shall be punishable with contempt of court. (K.S.A. 43-161). Regardless of your personal situation, all juror questionnaires must be completed and returned for processing.


If any of your answers upon such questionnaire disqualify you from service, you will be notified in writing or by telephone that you are excused. If you do not receive such notification, you are required to appear as set forth above, unless, after checking with our answering service, you find that the trial has been cancelled (See Cancellation Procedures on the following tab for more information.)

Questionnaire Qualification

If it is necessary for another person to fill out this form for you, his or her name, address, and the reason should be stated on the back of the questionnaire.

Disability Statement

If you have a disability that requires special facilities, please indicate the nature of the disability and the type of facilities required on the back of the questionnaire.