Drug Court

Geary County Drug Court will strive to reduce recidivism of alcohol and drug offenders in the criminal justice system and provide community protection with a cost effective, integrated continuum of care through the development and utilization of community resources. Drug Court will hold defendants accountable and will assist them to achieve long-term recovery to become law-abiding citizens and successful family/community members.

Geary County Drug Court Program

The Geary County Drug Court Program is a court that is designed to manage cases involving non-violent drug offenders. The program will be a court-supervised, comprehensive program for select chemically dependent defendants. The Drug Court concept was based on a program established in Miami, Florida in 1989, with the goal of reducing both substance abuse and criminal behavior.


Drug Courts are established by a team approach between the criminal justice system and the drug treatment organizations. This partnership structures treatment intervention around the influence and personal involvement of a single Drug Court Judge. The Judge and a dedicated team of professionals work together toward a similar goal of stopping the cycle of drug abuse and criminal behavior.

Recovery Strategy & Considerations

  • The addiction to alcohol and drugs is usually accompanied by other serious problems that threaten rehabilitation, so treatment will need to include other services and resources such as educational and vocational assessment.
  • Addicts are most vulnerable to successful intervention when they are in the crisis of initial arrest and incarceration, so intervention must be immediate and up-front.
  • Communication is key to assuring offenders accountability and success. Court supervision must be highly coordinated and comprehensive.
  • Relapse and periodic advancements are part of recovery, therefore, progressive sanctions and incentives must be integral to the Drug Court strategy.
  • Treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol must be long-term and comprehensive.
  • Unique problems and opportunities may arise while working with criminal offenders using drugs, therefore treatment and rehabilitation strategies must recognize:


Goals of the Geary County Drug Court Program include:

  • Assist participants in the Drug Court Program to stop the cycle of chemical dependency and addiction.
  • Assist participants in obtaining their education and in gaining/maintaining employment.
  • Assure Drug Court participants begin the program as soon as possible.
  • Assure Drug Court participants make appropriate contributions to all Court related costs.
  • Increase community safety by reducing drug and alcohol related crimes.
  • Increase family stability and improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Offer sanctions, rewards, and treatment programming that are effective.
  • Provide resources to participants to ensure continued progress both during and after completion of program.

Drug Court Manual

View the Drug Court Manual (PDF).