Warrant involving Marion County Record

Message from the Court

The Eighth Judicial District understands the interest in the matter in Marion, Kansas, involving the Marion County Record. The Court cannot comment on a pending matter that may come before the Court.

About time-date stamp on warrants

Public documents

New! Warrant Applications and Redacted Affidavits (8-21-23)

Search Warrants with Returns and Property Receipts (posted 8-18-2023)

Motion and Order to Release Evidence Seized (8-16-2023)
Motion and Order to Release Evidence Seized

Search warrant information
Access to search warrant information, including an affidavit or sworn testimony, is covered by state statute and Kansas Supreme Court rule:

K.S.A. 22-2502(e)
Kansas Supreme Court Rule 22 (d) (7)

The statute includes a five-day period for those directly involved to propose limitations on public disclosure of information in affidavits that support the warrants. The five-day period begins with notice. Notice of the first request was given Monday, August 14, 2023.