Transcript Requests

  1. Court-Appointed Counsel or County Attorney
  2. Retained Counsel
  3. Transcript Request Procedure
  4. Payment
  5. Transcripts
  6. Appeals

Court-Appointed Counsel or County Attorney

Court-Appointed Counsel for the defendant or the County Attorney will prepare the order for the Judge's signature stating the hearing date and hearing type, as well as if the costs are assessed to the County or to the State:

  • If assessed to the County, a voucher is submitted to the County for payment out of the General Fund. The Payee on that voucher will be the Clerk of the District Court, and payment will be receipted in FullCourt when received.
  • If assessed to the State, a voucher must be prepared by the County Attorney's office for them to submit to the County for payment out of their budget, except in Geary County. The clerk's office will prepare that voucher.

The form of order is attached. A state or county agency cannot be pre-billed. The voucher will be submitted after the transcript is received back with the exact cost.

Court Reporters

If the hearing was taken by a court reporter, e-mail a copy of the order to the court reporter, as they handle their own requests and transcripts.

Handbook for Official Court Reporters

The handbook is on the Kansas Judicial Branch website and should be referred to by the court reporters for rules and statutes affecting them.

Eighth Judicial District Policy and Procedure